Workforce Development

“A teacher affects eternity. No one can tell where his influence stops.”

— Henry Adams

EDDR Professional Development Courses

Learning is essential to our growth in both our personal and professional lives.  While life tends to take care of our personal learning, oftentimes your professional learning comes from job training and education courses.  Education Design Development and Research Corporation (EDDR) can help you address your professional life development and growth.

Construction training sessions are provided with the safety of employees and employers in mind. We make sure that our construction training provides the necessary skills and experience needed for employees to not only work more effectively, but to also keep themselves and everyone else safe.

Medical billing and coding workers use technology to help healthcare professionals update medical records and obtain payment for services rendered.

Emergency Medical Technician’s are the first responder’s to emergency calls, they perform medical services to individuals with injuries, serious illness and traumas, and they transport individuals to facilities.

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For a current schedule of training program dates or to register, call our office at (312) 852-7331 Chicago or (815) 997-7049 Rockford